A Short History of Croatian Enemies


Published in: "Fokus", 24th, January, 2003, Zagreb, Croatia

Symposium of the Party for Croatian Prosperity and Identity

of December 2nd, 2002, Zagreb, Croatia.

     A paper by Emil Čić, M. A.:                

«'Detudjmanisation' with the Purpose of Annihilating the Croatian National Identity»

© by Emil ČIĆ


         The problem and the new term “detudjmanisation” is connected to the return to power of the neocommunist pro-Serbian clique on the election day of January 3rd, 2000. Before their return to power the liberal-neocommunists very honestly propagated slogans such as: ‘You will get the Serbs back home’, and the Croatian people elected them by mistake, just because they also pointed out the slogan: ‘Better life for all, not just for them!’, promising 200.000 new jobs. Therefore, the fraud of a modernized Serbo-Croatian coalition was not so much the fact that they concealed their intentions (because they did not completely), but in the fact that the neocommunists promised a better living standard, corrupting public opinion which accepted such promises. Having come back to power, they actually contributed to a further decrease of the living standard and increased the state debt. We can say that ‘detudjmanisation’ started at the beginning of 2000 with an attack on the Croatian Nation and that means the state symbols, on the coat-of-arms and flag, and it reached its peak in a proposal to change the Croatian national anthem ‘Croatian Homeland’ or ‘Our Beautiful Homeland’, along with some other anthems. ‘Vjesnik’ of February 18th, 2000 published an article by Ennio Stipcevic, PhD, who is - of course - a candidate for a seat in the Croatian Academy of Science and Art, which says: ‘A public discussion has been opened on the issue whether we should undertake some changes on our national coat-of-arms and flag. For all that one points out a need for simplification of a too complicated heraldic heritage on a pattern that could correspond to contemporary computer graphics in a better and easier way. However unusual or exaggerated such demands might seem to someone (because just a few weeks ago we have changed our Parliament and in a few weeks we shall hold presidential elections), it seems to me that the need for changes has its deep historical logic, if not to say – necessity. As far as the historic memory can reach the depth of history, the oldest written monuments bear witness to the habit that a new government always tends to establish new criteria of values, redesigning the old criteria and the old government. Demnatio memoriae is not a new
and modern heritage, although we may recognise that the totalitarian movements in the last century have shown some innovative, well-developed and successful methods. Accordingly, because I know I am not called upon to take a part in a critical academic discussion on whether we ought to change the national coat-of-arms and flag, on the wave of newly awakened intellectual courage, I feel an urge to pledge  in favour of a critical rethinking about another symbol of state and national affiliation. Namely, I would like to plead for a change of the national anthem…"

         However, the public reaction to the attack on the Croatian national symbols was so vigorous that the proposers of such ideas were immediately and massively verbally punished: the musicologist Ennio Stipčević received a reply from the late Mrs. Ljubica Štefan in the weekly "Hrvatsko slovo" [1] and a few weeks later indirectly from me too, in my interview, published at the right moment, with one of the most outstanding musicologists and writers on Croatian music Mr. Lovro Županović[2], (The Croatian Academy of Science and Art) and the Croatian anthem belongs to the musical heritage. After the answer Mr. Stipčević defended himself by explaining that he had treated the matter with irony and that he had not been serious at all.


         In this context, Stipčević in his text explains what he thought and for whom he thought. Thus, the term ‘detudjmanisation’, which is a new, contemporary term for decroatisation, began its march immediately upon the come-back of the disguised communists, who ceased to conceal their aims and intentions. Right after the “innocent” suggestions in favour of a change of the national flag, coat-of-arms and anthem, and soon after the abolition of the Home of Counties (something like Commons), the Croatian State Parliament was renamed ‘Croatian Parliament’ and we did not have to wait very long to witness - in accordance with our expectations - the undermining of the Croatian Army and police; the government began to employ Serbian chetniks (paramilitary guerilla forces), who had brutally fought against Croatia, instead of Croatian policemen [3] and similar elements [4].  Accompanying this, the totally uncritical collaboration with the Hague Court that became the central  instrument of the accelerated annihilation of the Croatian State and of a new enslavement of the Croatian people.  To top it all, there was a very soft regime of relations with Serbia, together with extended cultural and economic collaboration with this longstanding enemy of ours.


         The term ‘detudjmanisation’ is intellectually very transparent: the new Croatian leadership, loudly saluted by Anglo-Americans, gave with it a new, disguised term to decroatisation, acceptable to the entirely uncritical mass of the people who accepted the propaganda message that in Tudjman's time everything was bad, but who could not accept the open propaganda slogan: “For you we are going to renew Yugoslavia in which the Serbs will govern again”. That means, ‘detudjmanisation’ serves as a transparent masque which is very easy to recognize  for those people who understand the historical context of the devolution of the Croatian state. 


         Within the frame of the attack on the Croatian national identity we can consider and understand the new law about the glorifying of the Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945). We should forget the fact that it all  happens at the very same time and in the same globalistic context. At the very beginning of his public appearance the late President Tudjman said that the Independent State of Croatia had been an expression of the Croatian people's aspiration for a state of their own. At the same time he distanced himself from the crimes which had happened during the war, which did not have any ideological relation to the essence of the idea of Croatian statehood. The present law against the glorifying of the Independent State of Croatia aims at the denial of the fact that in 1941 the Croatian people wanted their state. This law wants to prevent the presentation of historical facts which would indicate that the existence and renewal of Yugoslavia in any form is a monstrous act.  Hence, through that law, one wants to deny the fact that the Croats in the Independent State of Croatia defended themselves from great-Serbian massacres and prosecutions. [5]


         The attitude of the Anglo-Americans and the court of Hague (together with the attitude of the new Croatian government)  towards the Croatian liberation war for independence in the period 1990-1995 points to a historical parallel; all Croatian military officers should now be proclaimed war criminals, in the very same way in which it was done with the Independent State of Croatia by the Croatian enemies. So, we can conclude that  what happens nowadays is just an old historical scheme that one tries to copy and use against the contemporary Republic of Croatia. Today NATO and USA act as imperialistic powers disturbed by nationalism and by ‘disobedient states’. It is in this sense their representative George Soros says that nationalism is the greatest enemy of the NATO-pact. [6] If we look back to see who stands behind such a philosophy, we shall understand that this is actually a globalistic attack on nationalism because nationalism is an anti-imperialistic force which motivates peoples to fight for their freedom from oppression by a foreign power. Opposite to imperialism, the late President Tudjman.[7] says, “nationalism, as a force of national consciousness, of political individuality and natural aspirations of every nation to live as an equal to every independent member of the international and human community, manifests and confirms itself in the contemporary history as the main barrier against the imperialistic and hegemonistic enslavement of the world and as a force against any dominance”. Therefore, a very perfidious imperialistic propaganda has been making efforts to implant the idea into the Croatian national consciousness that Croats have no right to any independent state whatsoever and that all Croatian wars for independence are criminal wars. The final and complete metasemantic message, read philosophically, says: “If you want to be good Croats, submit to the wishes of the world, disappear, or change your identity!”


         Such a colonial relationship to Croats is nothing new or specific for the twentieth or twenty-first centuries. After a study of voluminous historical literature we can see that it is always Great Britain hiding behind an attack on the Croatian national identity and statehood. History teaches us how the British repeat their historical schemes of treating different peoples, meant to be suppressed  or destroyed. After reading the book “Illyrian Letters” by British archeologist and spy John A. Evans (1851-1941) we can firmly establish the fact that Yugoslavia was a British creation..[8] British imperialistic globalism directly declares that Croats should be isolated within the future Yugoslavia [9] and that Yugoslavia should be created in order to prevent the Russian penetration to Istanbul [10] and the German penetration to the Near East.[11] During further  development, the second main co-establisher of both Yugoslav states, together with Evans, was the British man Robert William Seton-Watson (1879-1951), who left us a very rich correspondence which is the crown proof of British activity on Croatian soil.[12] These documents give firm proof that there has been a historical continuity of the British presence here and a deep British interest in the Croatian soil. Therefore, it was not surprising that at the end of WWII, in 1945, the British gave false promises to the Croatian state leadership and - after having got them together with people in the city of Bleiburg, Austria - sent some 500.000 Croats to death and put in power a Serbo-Croatian Bolshevik government that would make any independent Croatian state impossible in future – they hoped: forever.


        Let us remember another historical fact: in 2002 President Mesić has given a high state order to Mr. George Soros. Who then is Soros? In the restored Croatian state, Soros has been just the person through which the British have been performing financial and political manipulations and it is with his help that they finance the unjust Hague Court:

          “The official story says that he Soros was born in 1930 to Jewish parents and as a teenager had been chased from Budapest by the Nazis. He enrolled at the "London School of Economics" and in the mid-50's came to the U.S. There he was magically drawn to Wall Street, but his career until 1969 was unspectacular. Then with a partner he took over an investment fund. He sold stocks he didn't own as futures, hoping that their price would fall nearer the qualifying date and that he could acquire them at a price lower than his selling price. From this fund the "Quantum Group" evolved, a family of investment funds operating from the Dutch West Indies. Quantum is one of the most impressive "investment machines" in the world. In eight of the last twenty four years it made an "official" profit of over 50%, in two of those years even over 100%. In the meantime Soros handed business over to a group of managers and limits himself to designing the "great campaigns". He put down his principles in the book "The Alchemy of Finance", where he says what "financial speculators think is more important than real economic facts". (……)    Soros has been identified as a front-man of the Anglo-French Rothschild banking group. Understandably, neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact to be public, so the tight links to his friends in London "City", in the British foreign ministry, in the state of Israel and to his mighty friends in the American establishment would stay concealed.
    Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one Richard Katz. He is, at the same time, head of the "Rothschild Italia S.p.A." in Milan and is also on the board of the commercial bank "N. M. Rothschild and Sons" in London. Another member of the board is Nils O. Taube. He is a partner in the London investment group "St. James Place Capital" which counts Lord Rothschild among its main partners. A frequent partner of Soros in several of his speculations - especially in the driving up of the gold quotation - is Sir James Goldsmith, a relative of the Rothschilds dynasty. [13]
(Bold by E.C.) (……)William Engdahl explains: "Soros' connection to the ultra-secret international finance circles of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection. The extraordinary success Soros has on the high-risk financial markets cannot simply be explained with "gambler's luck". Soros has access to the "insider track" of the world's most important information channels, both government and private. (……)To experts on the "City" N. M. Rothschilds and Sons is most influential in the faction of the British secret service establishment closely linked with the neo-liberal Thatcher wing of the Tory party. In the 1980's N. M. Rothschild & Sons made several Billion US$ from the privatization of British state-owned industries they conducted for Mrs. Thatcher. The Rothschild bank is also at the center of world gold trade: In this bank the gold price is fixed twice a day by the five most influential gold trading banks. (……)  Basically George Soros is another tool for economic and political warfare in the hands of the Rothschilds. He is among those circles who three years ago started a malicious "Fourth Reich" campaign against the re-united Germany: Soros is very anti-German. In his 1991 autobiography "Underwriting Democracy" Soros warned of the danger that a reunited Germany could disturb the (power) balance in Europe... It is easy to see how the situation that existed between the wars could come up again. A reunited Germany becomes the strongest economic power and develops Eastern Europe as its habitat.... a terrible "witches' brew".    His US contacts put Soros very close to the financial and secret service circles around George Bush. His most important deposit bank and main lender during his attack on the European monetary system in Sept. 1993 was CITICORP, America's largest bank. Soros called upon international investors to unhinge the Deutsche Mark. When in late 1989 a reunification became probable, a high-ranking Citicorp manager who before had been advisor in the Dukakis campaign said: "German unity will be catastrophic for our interests. We have to take action to insure a decline of the Deutsche Mark by about 30% so that Germany will not be able to build up Eastern Germany to become the economic factor within a new Europe." [14] (……)


         In the quotation above we find a direct connection between Soros and British financial and political circles  who have been carrying out the concept of the New World Order, and Croatia is in this Order a British target once again: Soros and Britain are worried because of the German penetration towards the East that passes via  the “Mediterranean line of life”, i. e. through Croatia. Croatia was always best controlled while being a part of a Greater Serbia. At the beginning the British have control over the organization of the Croatian Army and finances. In the end they will try to make a reprise of the Bleiburg slaughter, but this time to a much larger extent. We can say that in the process of “detudjmanisation” Croatia is today where the Independent State of Croatia was at the beginning of 1945: in front of a collapse and destruction, faced with great defamation.


         The fundamental political illusion predominating among the more conscious European intellectuals lies in their conviction that the USA perform their own globalization because of their exclusive interest. But if you read some of the works, written by the most prominent American historians and history philosophers, you realize that the USA do not perform their own globalization, which really has the aim to annihilate national identities, but the globalization of the British Empire, instead, that has formally dissolved and transformed to the status of dominions, but informally and ideologically it has transferred its ideology and the structure of governing of its intellectual councils of the so-called round tables to the USA. That was a process which happened in the first half of the 20th century, and now it only continues, as proved by the American professor Carroll Quigley.[15]


         In his book “Magna Fraus” (A Great Fraud) professor Ivo Biondić proved that the main instrument of Soros's “detudjmanisation” in Croatia has been professor Ivo Banac, who obtained his PhD degree under the American Serb Vojo Vuchinich, the author of the book “Serbia between East and West. The Events of 1903-1908” (Stanford, 1954), that propagates the politics of the Serbo-Croatian coalition which has been governing Croatia since January 3rd, 2000. Banac and Banac-like (Banacism) ideology are also interesting to us because “within the Soros ideology of his ‘Open Society’ Banac performs his political activity in a very robust manner. In addition to the Helsinki watch, where he propagates and organizes of a lot of meetings on the issue of human rights (……), Banac is particularly active within The Erasmus Gilda (The Institution for cultivating democracy). (……) In the process of criminalizing the Croatian Independence War The Erasmus Gilda has been playing the central role and thus contributing to the dissolution of  the Croatian state. (……)[16] Writing history in this way, Banac determined history writing in a scientifically inappropriate way, propagating imported (colonial) political ideas or transferring categories of contemporary pseudo-values into the past tense. It is more than certain that Banac is trying to influence the international and national politics in this area with a strong logistic support of Soros. (……) Beginning from the colonial imperative: “You cannot resist the Balkans!” and holding the attitude that the Croatian issue ‘has not been properly resolved’, Banac advocates a project which has an aim to exclude Croatia from the middle-European civilization and culture, trying to include it into the “West Balkans”. (……) Moreover, Banac expresses an opinion that ‘it is precisely on the Balkans where a creation of the idea of a new Europe could begin’. (……) Picking upon this opinion and holding the attitude that it is in the interest of the Croatian state to be integrated with the rest of the states in the area of ex-Yugoslavia, Soros underlines the idea that it is a vision of the European Union with which he agrees and takes very seriously, because it is important not just for the area, but also for Europe and for the rest of the world (see: G. Soros, “Slobodna Dalmacija”,  March 15, 2000). [17]


         So, we can see that the British-American net over Croatia has been woven over a very long period of time and very carefully. Not only were Croatia's enemies keen on a proper way of buying Croatia, but they were also very keen to find a way to construct a new Yugoslav ideology for Croatia. On one hand, Soros is a man of the British financial and intelligence service milieu, and on the other hand, the American professor (Banac) graduated from the class of a Serbian thesis supervisor, has been performing the Soros ideology in Croatia, an ideology which deals with and functions in favour of British imperialistic interest that predominates the “elite” circle from American universities, such as Harvard and Yale.

         Consequently, now that we have become conscious of the actions of the so-called “detudjmanisators” and after eradicating the functioning and methods of “detudjmanisation”, we begin to politically disempower the protagonists of annihilation of our national identity i. e. of the decroatisation of Croatia.


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[5] Explanation: There are two levels of the Ustasha origin. In short: firstly, it was a revolutionary reaction against the Great - Serbian oppression and occupation of Croatia in period 1918 - 1941. The Ustasha movement was founded and escalated after the killing of the first Croatian Peasant party leader S. Radić and his deputies. The leader of the new movement was an attorney Ante Pavelić, Ph. D. and his ideology was not fascist but traditionally Croatian.He was head of the Starčevićanian Croatian Party of (State) Right, an ideology who was in 19th of century opposed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The next chef of the Croatian peasant party HSS Vlatko Maček, who declared himself Yugoslav at the end of his life (said D. Jelčić, Academy of Science) , on 1932/02/24 writes a letter to the British Agent and founder of Yugoslavia Seton-Watson. The letter is very interesting because Maček said that Serbia occupied Croatia and that everything should be put back to the relations of the y. 1918. (See: page 220, Part II, Letter No. 197, Correspondence 1906-1941,"R.W. Seton - Watson and Yugoslavs", Zagreb-London 1976). In 1941. Maček formally supported the founding of The Independent State of Croatia, but he was imprisoned by Pavelić because of the political collaboration with the Serbian King and state. In 1945. Pavelić left him go in a hope that Maček could save Croatia. In vain: Maček could not save Croatia: some 500.000 Croats was killed and Croatia was back under the Serbian-communist occupation. The problem is that the Croatian communist supported the Yugoslav ideology, and on their side they got some 25% of Croatian people. So, the occupation of Croatia got a quasi legal support, and majority of Croats was back under the oppression.



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                «……Glasovita židovska porodica Rothschild masoneriji pripada od g. 1802. Nathan Mayer Rothschild primljen je te godine u londonsku "Lodge of Emulation". Članovi svih ogranaka te milijarderske obitelji pripadaju ložama Engleske, Francuske, Njemačke i Austrije. Što više, barun Ferdinand Rothschild osnivač je po njemu prozvane "Ferdinand Rothschild Lodge Nr. 2420" u Wadesedonu u Engleskoj.……»


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«…  At the beginning of 1990 Soros --in cooperation with the IMF--in what was then still Yugoslavia put down the gauntlet for what then escalated into a war. Soros is also a friend of the then secretary of state Lawrence Eagleburger, the former ambassador to Belgrade and patron of Slobodan Milosevic. Eagleburger was formerly chairman of "Kissinger Associates" on whose board Lord Carrington (Committee of 300) member also sits. The latter's mediations have directly fuelled the Serbian aggression against the Croats and the Bosnians. Today Soros has foundations in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and a "Yugoslav Soros Foundation" in Belgrade/Serbia. In Croatia he uses funds from his foundation to hire influential journalists or to discredit opponents of his "shock therapy" as anti-Semites or neo-nazis. (From the EIRNA study "Derivatives") …»




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“……From this point onward (early 1938), the Milner Group increasingly emphasized the necessity for building up this Oceanic bloc. In England the basic propaganda work was done through The Round Table and Lionel Curtis, while in the United States it was done through the Rhodes Scholarships organisation,  especially through Clarence Streit and Frank Aydelotte. ……”


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© by Emil ČIĆ

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