A Short History of Croatian Enemies; 1941-1945 and 1990-1995

The Croatian War for Independence

The Independent State of Croatia 1941-1945

There are two levels of the Ustasha origin. In short: firstly, it was a revolutionary reaction against the Great - Serbian oppression and occupation of Croatia in period 1918 - 1941.  The Ustasha movement was founded and escalated after the killing of the first Croatian Peasant party leader S. Radić and his deputies in 1928. The leader of the new movement was an attorney Ante Pavelić, Ph. D. and his ideology was not fascist but traditionally Croatian. He was the head of the Starčevićanian Croatian Party of (State)  Right, an ideology who was in 19th of century opposed to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  The next chef of the Croatian peasant party HSS Vlatko Maček, who declared himself Yugoslav at the end of his life (said D. Jelčić, Academy of Science) , on 1932/02/24 writes a letter to the British Agent and founder of Yugoslavia Seton-Watson. The letter is very interesting because Maček said that Serbia occupied Croatia and that everything should be put  back to the  relations of the  y. 1918. (See: page 220, Part II, Letter No. 197, Correspondence 1906-1941," R.W. Seton - Watson and Yugoslavs", Zagreb-London 1976). In 1941. Maček formally supported the founding of The Independent State of Croatia, but he was imprisoned by Pavelić because of the political collaboration with the Serbian King and state. In 1945. Pavelić left him go in a hope that Maček could save Croatia. In vain: Maček could not save Croatia: some 500.000 Croats was killed and Croatia was back under the Serbian-communist occupation. The problem is that the Croatian communist supported the Yugoslav ideology, and on their side they got some 25% of Croatian people. So, the occupation of Croatia got a quasi legal support, and majority of Croats was back under the oppression.

The War for Independence 1990-1995

          An Official British explanation: "...They (Serbs/Yugoslavs) moved to crush Croatian separatists ..." In fact: There were no Croatian separatists. We did not have any underground movement in Croatia at all (except in Australia, America or in Latin America).  The Serbs planned to occupy and destroy Croatia completely, without any separatists. The Serbs were sure that they had annihilated Croatia completely after the Bleiburg slaughter in 1945, and they were very surprised when the Croats began to resist. The Serbian decision to make the central Serbian government stronger meant a complete Serbisation of Croatia, with more Serbs in the Croatian Communist Party in power.
They also decided to cut off some parts of the Croatian territory ("Serbian Republic of Kraina"). That means that we should have lost the last remnants of our identity and any formal rights. We should be Balkanians and that means - Serbs. But, the Serbian servants among the Croats (communists who nowadays govern Croatia) should have lost their jobs and positions too, and for that reason did they decide to resist, but not with weapons, because the Croatian communists gave all the sources of our defence to the Serbian (Yugoslav) Army. Since they understood that they would lose their power without the support of the Croatian people, they began a democratisation of Croatia and permitted the Croatian nationalists to come to power and offer political resistance with them: it was their false tactics against the Serbs. The result was that the Croatian nationalists knew what was going on, they had money and they bought weaponry.
          When the Serbs decided to perform the "ethnic cleansing"  of the Croats, they were very surprised: the Croats resisted successfully. Those who fought better were victorious. In Vukovar, the complete operation against Croats was led by the Yugoslav Army (and NATO gave them enough time to kill the Croats, and, I suppose, the instructions, too), but our officers were better than the Serbian officers (and better than the NATO generals), and the illusion of the Serbian Yugoslavia was destroyed. The Serbs were stronger 127 times (some 2000 our soldiers killed some 15.000 Serbian soldiers, and 35.000 were sent to hospital. Forever. They had tanks, the Croats did not.), on two Croatian dollars they had a million dollars (said a Croatian general). But Croatia won the war: it was an Armageddon from The New Testament.
          So, I believe in a future victory of Croatia. In the history of wars the Croats were finally defeated just at the end of WW II. Because of British treason.  

Emil Chitch

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